Thing 17: From PODcasting to VODcasting

Few years back I was scared when I heard the term PODCAST. I thought of it as a very complex subject that I would never understand.

We at the American School of Bombay (ASB) had purchased a tool called “Feed For All“. This tool was used to create podcast feeds. It had a series of steps to follow before achieving the end result. This was very unpopular among the teachers and students.

Later I was searching for a much easier tool on the internet to replace “Feed For All“, and I found “Easy Podcast“. This was much easier as compared to “Feed For All“, but it still had one major limitation, it could only create audio podcasts.

Then I looked around for easy video podcasting (VODcast) tools. There were many out there, but none had the capability to publish audio and video using the same tool. So I studied the xml code generated by both the podcast and vodcast tools, as I am a software developer. I finally decided that I would create one tool for audio and video podcasting.

It was really easy when I understood what the code contained. This was not some rocket science as I assumed it when I first heard of podcasts. I created a tool that can help users publish audio and video in three easy steps.


Now the tool I created is being used at ASB from Grade-3 through Grade-12. Every student and teacher has a login and a folder. They can create sub-folders within their own folder, so that gives them the ability to have multiple feeds containing multiple episodes, which could be audio and video clips.

Later I received suggestions from teachers to generate embed code for the audio and video clips which could be embedded into the class pages directly. I jumped on to that task and offered that functionality as well.

I have displayed few screen-shots of the software I developed for ASB.




I see great use of this tool in Language-Arts and Modern-Languages where students can learn pronunciation from audio clips, which can be played over and over again. Video clips can help is teaching Experiments in Science and PE Activities.

We used this tool at deliver distance learning during the time of the Swine-Flu scare in Mumbai-India, and it was received very well by the entire ASB Community – Students, Parents and Teachers.

I also showcased this tool at the Lausanne Laptop Institute 2010.