Thing 19: YouTube and TeacherTube – Take your pick

I have been a Youtube user for many user now. As Youtube is a popular site for videos it also has a lot of inappropriate videos that you would not like your students and children to view. Then TeacherTube is a perfect alternative for educational videos.

Within out school we have a web-filter set on our proxy server that filters all content that is requested for. So we don’t block YouTube but any video that is inappropriate is blocked.

At our school we have a YouTube Channel where we post our school videos.

YouTube gives us the facility to post videos:

  • Up to 2 GB in size
  • Up to 15 minutes in length

I love the Common Craft videos. There are videos from Common Craft for any tech topic, which are very easy to understand.

I have embedded one from YouTube below:

And a video from TeacherTube below: